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The Adventure of I has received outstanding 5-star reviews that have surpassed even my greatest expectations. Below is a collection of some reader reviews written on Amazon US and UK, and on the Mind Your Reality website. I am truly grateful to each and every reader and reviewer of The Adventure of I. Thank YOU!

Reader Reviews

Anyone who is truly searching for the secrets of the Universe may find you need not go any further than The Adventure of I A Journey to the Center of Your Reality. Fasten your seat belts! Thank you Tania Kotsos you have given me the greatest gift any human being can imagine. To the casual observer that may seem like a big statement…read the book and you’ll understand. ~ Radhia Gleis (Amazon)

I have been a seeker for most of my life. I've traveled the paths of religion, spirituality, philosophy, and the like. Every road I have taken, every belief system I have studied, all of the thinkers I have researched, every book I have read, and every truth I have pondered, has led me to the Gnosis; the knowledge in this wonderful book. We all now have access to a knowledge that can not only transform our lives in unthinkable and marvelous ways, but revolutionize the Earth, and, dare I say, the Universe! This is not hyperbole. This book is like no other. I've read hundreds of books and found pieces of the puzzle, but this book is the whole picture. I would trade everything I've ever read for this one book. It is THE Life Manual. The only book you will ever need to read. If you only read one book in your life, make it this one, otherwise you will only be wasting time. I cannot describe it, nor can any words in a review give it justice. You will just have to read it yourself to understand how great it is. Wonderful. Life-changing. Great. Divine........ (endless superlatives) Get this book. Read it. Apply it. Watch your life be changed forever in the most awesome and powerful way imaginable. ~ Mike Miller (Amazon)

I always believed that everyone should, at a certain age, be given a manual on how to live live beautifully, wonderfully, to love life to cherish life and to be grateful for it, because a lot of us don't. This is the manual. I've added this wonderful and profound book to my collection of books on Mental Science and amazingly it is the one I continually read. The woman has given us something special that will no doubt be a book that will live on! Get this book. ~ Jack Dani (Amazon)

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I didn't know Tania.
I didn't know whether the book would be worth reading.
But I did buy the book and I read it.
Now, I know that it is definitely worth your time and your money!
Great job, Tania! ~ Aljoscha (Amazon)

Honestly $20.00 is a small price to pay in exchange for the valuable information in this book. I applied a few things I read to my life, and I am NOT exaggerating when I say that my life has been forever changed. I don't let anything stress me out. I don't even remember the last time I was stressed! My advise to anyone who is reading this review is to buy this book, read it front to back, and apply it to your life and you too will be proof that dreams do come true. ~ Cocolabush (Amazon)

A feast for mind and soul, to be read s l o w l y... so much content to integrate and really think about. I see and feel the difference in my life already, by looking at reality from a higher perspective . Thank you, Tania Kotsos! ~ Abiyangha (Amazon)

I just finished reading this book and I am humbled by the powerful information before me. This is the most useful and transformative book on what the Universal laws are, and how to work with them, that I have ever read. Not only does she explain what the laws are and how they work, but she also easily reveals how they work independently, as well as in conjunction with each other. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in a clear, hands on knowledge of what consciousness is, and how to direct it in your day to day life. I am an acting coach as well as a life coach and have passed this book on to all of my clients as the information in this book clearly carries the key to purposeful living and spiritual transformation. ~ E. Keifer (Amazon)

Tania has created a structured, corroborative and authoritative work that provides answers to humanity's deepest questions. As you read the chapters, you will feel a resonance that will confirm the validity of the author's description of the Universal Laws, Principles and Planes of Consciousness based on her years of research into ancient and modern day texts. If you are a serious seeker and driven to know the truth, Tania Kotsos has written a masterpiece. A literary work for the ages. ~ Fred Allen (Mind Your Reality)

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I have lived with this book for over a year now and it is possibly and probably the most important book I have or will ever read. This should be a required read for every person on this planet. If this was on audible i would subscribe it is that good. Thank you Tania. ~ Daryl D (Amazon)

An utterly brilliant literary collection of wisdom that allows an exuberant understanding of many intangible mechanisms at work at the forefront of reality. In her book, Tania elaborates intensively on a vast amount of topics that I've found to involve the refinement of personal beliefs, leading towards groundbreaking self-awareness that anyone will appreciate. Tania makes many wonderful comparisons and connections within this work that allow seemingly difficult material become easily graspable to a beginner seeking a deeper realization of metaphysical Laws and Principles, yet touches ground on many advanced topics and exercises that the more experianced advocate may not have read about in other metaphysical literature. Since reading (The Adventure of I), there is not a day that goes by where I don't relate a deeper appreciation of the subtle energies at work in life to something I've learned from this book, not to mention the exercises she offers have been exceedingly rewarding and empowering in raising my level of positivity and confidence! The spiritual impact it has had on me has been phenomenal! I simply recommend it to everyone! In the case if everyone was to read and utilize this book, the world would become a better place. ~ Forest Seifert (Amazon)

The Adventure of I is the single most important book I have ever read. The wisdom in this book is truly life changing. The quality of my life has dramatically improved as I now have all the tools I will ever need to create my reality. I am healthier, happier and constantly amazed at what I can create by directing my mind through my will. The author, Tania Kotsos, has profoundly articulated the mind reality concept and how it directly relates to the laws of the Universe. The information in this book is so vast that I cannot even begin to describe it here. All I can say is if you are ready to improve all aspects of your life then this book is a must read. Thank you Tania for writing this revelational masterpiece and for your continued support. I have truly embarked on the adventure of my life... The Adventure of I. ~ Sarah Figuoera (Amazon)

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I don't normally read reviews, but I felt compelled to write this one. This book is an absolute masterpiece. She writes with complete knowledge of Esoteric materials compiled into one comprehensive and easy to read book. I STRONGLY recommend you pick this book up, as it will change your life (for the good) forever. ~ Robert S. (Amazon)

To re-phrase a quote from the movie “Love & Other Drugs”, you read thousands of books and none of them really touch you. And then you open one book and your life is changed forever... Thank you for writing The Adventure of I, Tania! ~ Tania Yanis Klein (Amazon)

This book is one of my new treasured possessions, it is clear and conscise, I have been a fan of Tania's work for sometime, and her words are empowering and inspiring. Great book!!! ~ Tanya S. (Amazon)

This book is the only one you need to read to understand how Life works, how to align with it, and create a perceived reality one desire at a time. Using the 3 immutable and 4 mutable laws of Hermes' timeless wisdom, and more recent (early 1900s) new thought based observations, Ms Kotsos provides the reader with a way to bring ones conscious and sub- (un-) conscious mind in alignment to be a true co-creator. Even her description of EEG based brain wavelengths is accurate and helpful. I highly recommend this book. ~ Carl Bundschuh MD, CaQ Neuroradiology (Amazon)

Great book whatever religion or beliefs you embrace. its tells you the whys & how to have a peaceful mind & great life. you do have to follow through with the easy concept with your mind but not always easy to do with our counterfeit minds. has made my relationships & attitude much healthier thus an easier life. no one will do it 100% but the more you practice, the easier life becomes- it's not about being perfect. I bought this book for my adult daughter too. she says it works too. i would say its one the most life changing books I've ever read. ~ Buttercup (Amazon)

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Any one who asks the question: Is there more to life than this, must read this book. This book will change your life beyond your wildest dreams.. This Adventure is for every one! :) ~ Shelley Lynn Katin (Amazon)

I just got done reading Tania's book The Adventure of I. It is the most comprehensive and cohesive book I've read on the subject of mind and self. It is simple, but not too simple. Tania has a way of revealing complicated ideas in a very straight forward manner. I was most impressed by the deep understanding and details regarding the mind. If you have any interest on finding out more about your self, reality, and the universe in general than buy this book. It's a wonderful read with a staggering amount of insight and wisdom. ~ Justin (Amazon)

I have read this book from cover to cover and plan to read it again. I do not have the words to describe what this book is doing for me. It is helping me to erase my doubts and change my beliefs,but most of all, it is helping me to peel away the layers to the I. To me, this book is the Holy Grail. ~ Lucinda Hermann (Amazon)

This is my first book review. I have read many, however, never felt inspired to write a review. This book did it for me. Have learned more about the Universe we live in in one book than in all the years I have been on this planet. Well written, concise and finally the Truth. I am so grateful this book came into my life. Thank you Tania from the bottom of my heart. ~ Darleen T (Amazon)

A Masterpiece. This is it for self mastery. I've read many books of this nature, but this one just put's it all together. I have no words left. Thank you Tania Kotsos ~ Milan Alincic (Amazon)

Wonderful, wonderful book. It contains the wisdom of the ages in an easily readable, logical format. If you are after the answer as to why we are here and want to know how to be in control of your life then this is a must read. ~ Doug Wright (Amazon)

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Tania Kotsos has created a contemporary work that is an inspiring, thought provoking, and practical guide to conscious living. Thank you Tania.... My Heart is Full! ~ L&B (Amazon)

I am enjoying this book over and over. I have read it all the way through twice. Now I read a selected chapter as I think it will help me improve my life. A very good investment. ~ P. D. Grant (Amazon)

Well written and very intelligent. The author brings all spiritual teaching into concise concepts. This is what I've been looking for. Incredible! ~ Easy Reader (Amazon)

My interest in books of this nature started about 3 years ago. I have read around 150 books on similar subjects in that time. In my opinion, The Adventure of I is the most comprehensive I have found. It is written in a way that is easily understood and is guaranteed to enlighten your mind and enhance your adventure should you abide by its precepts. This qualifies as one of the great "Life Manuals"! Thank you Tania! Your diligent years of study and "detective work" are much appreciated and will be of great benefit to those of us who seek! ~ Mark E (Amazon)

If you never read another book on metaphysics, read this one. I have spent years trying to understand this concept but after 'willing' somebody into my life to help me understand this facinating but complex subject, along comes Tania. I had the privilige of attending her first seminar in London, and from that moment on, I looked forward to the book I just knew she would one day write. Here it is, the most lucid, well written book on this subject that I have ever read. I have just finished reading it, and am looking forward to start re-reading it all over again as soon as I have written this review. I guarantee this book will become a 'Bible' to many. So to all fellow travellers on this path, read this book and become enlightened to the ways of the universe. This book truly is An Adventure. ~ Thunder (Amazon UK)

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This book takes metaphysical concepts that are difficult to fathom and explains them in such clear and concrete terms, whilst throwing in some great analogies for good measure. Eg. the author compares mental polarisation to polaroid sunglasses in that our mind can be polarised to filter in either positive or negative thought vibrations. The reason I love it so much is its structure. The author has divided the book into really clear easy to read chapters with each chapter broken down into lots of little parts. For example, if you're on the way to work in the morning and ten minutes to spare on your commute you can read a few pages in the Reversing Causation chapter on the subject of reversing the feedback loop that exists between your mental world and physical world. It's only a few pages long, but contains so much wisdom and food for thought. You only need to read a few pages then as you go about your day you can reflect on what you've read from time to time to fully grasp the meaning. I think this is a great way to benefit from this book. I also love the style of writing and use of analogies - the author does a fine job of translating difficult concepts into plain English so that you have no trouble understanding it literally, you just need to spend some time reflecting on what it all means in a universal sense, and that's where the analogies come in handy. So essentially this book, as someone else said in another review, IS a Bible. Although you can read it in one go if you want, chances are you'll find yourself going back to it time and time again to re-read a certain chapter or paragraph. It is clear that the author of this book has no personal agenda other than to impart this truly important knowledge. In my opinion, the content in this book is the kind of stuff we should be taught in school as correct use of the human mind is so fundamental to all aspects of living a balanced and healthy life. All in all, an intelligently written and fascinating read that is sure to remain close to hand.I certainly look forward to any future publications by the author. ~ Elaine (Amazon UK)

I purchased this book last year and have already re-read four times. If you had past or present negative situations in your life then the information contained within this book will help you realize that YOU are in charge of your reality. The author Tania gives guidance in a structured understandable way together with exercises to transform your life. This book is destined to become a future classic. ~ D. MacDonald (Amazon)

Well written and very intelligent. The author brings all spiritual teaching into concise concepts. This is what I've been looking for. Incredible! ~ Easy Reader (Amazon)

My interest in books of this nature started about 3 years ago. I have read around 150 books on similar subjects in that time. In my opinion, The Adventure of I is the most comprehensive I have found. It is written in a way that is easily understood and is guaranteed to enlighten your mind and enhance your adventure should you abide by its precepts. This qualifies as one of the great "Life Manuals"! Thank you Tania! Your diligent years of study and "detective work" are much appreciated and will be of great benefit to those of us who seek! ~ Mark E (Amazon)

I have read and re-read "The Adventure of I" several times now. This qualifies me to assess this book with the dignity it deserves. I can tell the author is NO "hairy fairy" mumbo-jumbo wannabe pseudo scientist. (These idiots you can spot a mile away.) Please Read this book because it makes sense. Read it properly, read it slowly. you will find yourself less defensive and emerged into wanting to learn more. I couldn't put it down. This is a gratifying feeling which i don't get to experience very often. I found myself 'meeting' parts of me that i never knew before. Being in touch with 'myself' and yet being in touch with everything else around me all at the same time. The information just 'clicked' and I've started to trust my inner senses more and feel relaxed, self assured. This book isn't called "The Adventure of I" for nothing.. If you want a hint, then read this book, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask "Really, Who am I?" You will realise you are more than what you see. ~ Michael T. Knox (Amazon UK)

I would recommend that every single person on this planet read Tania's book or attend one of her seminars. She is an inspiration to the human race and I feel she is well on her way in leaving a legacy for all time to come. There is only one constant I am aware of in the physical word as we know it (well, perhaps not entirely true! - the other one is the speed of light!) - That constant is CHANGE! If you want that change to lift you upwards, I urge you to read 'The Adventure of I'. It is truly inspiring. Thank you Tania for the unlimited insight your seminars and your unique book provide. ~ Dr. Desmond Stevens (Amazon UK)

A wonderful book..Wherever you are on your spiritual journey this book is a must read... Tania has succeeded in weaving all the different concepts of spiritualism and metaphysics into one clear and easily understandable volume..If you only read one book on this subject let it be this one and save yourself years of research! This book is destined to become a New Age "Bible" and I can't recommend it highly enough. ~ Ian Paul Jackson (Amazon US)

This is the most important book ever in my life. I got it after asking myself the question, 'if we are creating our own reality I like to see it how this is.' and within a week I found this book as if by magic. This book changed my life in unimaginable ways as I now fully understand and experience what Tania is writing here in clear and easy to understand words, direct and to the point. It is my second read through now and the information keeps coming unlocking new pieces in my brain and I change and see more and more. It is like I gathered the puzzle pieces throughout my life not knowing what to do with them and here comes this book placing them and linking them all together to one big picture. Thank you Tania Kotsos, this was what I was looking for and this book was the key to unlocking it all. My view of reality has changed permanently. ~ D.C.W. IJkelenstam (Amazon UK)

I please you to read THIS particular book... You must read THIS book... I beg you to read THIS book... If you are serious about training your mind from the beginning, how to create your own desirable future reality, you must read THIS book. If this concept of the universe is new to you, and you would like to develop from scratch your own foundational inner-standing of it, you must read THIS book. If you want to learn about your mind power tools, and how to use them in day to day situations, you must read THIS book. THIS book is like a manuals to instruct your mind, how to become knowing and accessing the most important part of you -your REAL SELF- aka Higher Self. If you could imagine your mind as a computer, and would like to learn how to operate it and run software accordingly to your greatest benefit, THIS book will guide you through. Please get THIS book, and read it, as if you had only £12.40 to spend to just one book, or as if your future life was depended on it. I did it. By choosing to read THIS book from hundreds materials already available, it will save you the time, the energy on making the choice, and help you to focus enormously. ~ Amgidalina (Amazon UK)

Tania has eloquently explored the Laws and Principles of the Universe in a simple, readable and accessible way. I had so many "ah ha" moments as I read this book. A truly fascinating yet complex topic that the author skillfully breaks down into related and manageable chapters. This book will challenge the way you view your world and your role in it and consequently change the way you live your life. It is an absolute MUST for anyone that is wanting to move onto a deeper and more complex understanding of themes addressed in other books such as The Secret, which only skim the surface of the mental nature of the Universe. The Adventure of I will take you to the next level. Fabulous book Tania, I look forward to seeing you speak in London!!! ~ Sam (Amazon UK)

This is not just a great book, this is a manual on how to live life. I wish this book had been around when I was younger so that I could have started reaping the benefits of the all the wisdom it holds. As a parent I have been enlightened and now I use the principles of of this book to guide my own children. Maybe Tania should consider writing a young readers edition. The strategies are so simple to apply but their impact is so profound, what a clever book! ~ Giselle (Amazon UK)

Thank you, Tania, for this wonderful volume. It hasn't left my side,literally,since it arrived. Having finished it,I am grateful for the distillation of ancient knowledge, psychology and spirtuality into a practical handbook that should be issued to every human at birth and worked through until a thorough knowledge of our inner creativity has been effectively obtained! It makes sense, and puts into perspective our higher and lower selves as conscious minds in charge of our subconscious mind. Life CAN be consciously improved and we are the ones to do it, making us able to finally "Be the change you want to see". I am so thankful to have come across this game changing book! ~ Ian Pearson (Amazon UK)

It is difficult to put into physical words how life changing this book is. There is only one way and one true meaning of all. After studying this book you will know what is the true meaning of all that is, was and ever will be. Written in a way that everyone can understand. "Written" by the Real You Tania, well done! ~ Chris Moore (Amazon UK)