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The paperback is currently being sold through Amazon internationally. Simply click on the Amazon flag or link of your choice from the those below. If your Amazon of choice is not shown, then search for the book by name and include Tania Kotsos in the search.

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Additional Amazon Options: France - Italy - Spain - India - Japan
(The above Amazon prices are as of 28 October 2013 and may vary.)

Buy the Adventure of I E-Book

There are two electronic versions to choose from, specifically Kindle and ePUB. They are compatible with your Kindle (.mobi), e-Reader (.epub), tablet, PC, Mac and smartphone. Upon purchasing the ebook via your chosen link below you will receive an email with the download link. Simply download the book to your desktop and transfer it to your e-reader device. Make sure to read the additional instructions on this page, or else in the email you receive. Important Note: The electronic edition is not a PDF and is non-printable.

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Please note that the download link expires after 120 hours from the time you receive the email or after 5 download attempts, whichever event happens first. Do not hesitate to contact me to re-activate your link if you have any problems.

Instructions for Kindle Edition: You will receive a link to your Kindle e-book as a mobi file. It is not automatically transferred to your Kindle, but doing so is easy. Connect your Kindle device to your computer via USB cable and transfer the file to your Kindle's 'documents' folder.

To read the Kindle e-book on your computer or on your smartphone please make sure you have the Kindle reader installed on your device. You can find it here: Amazon Kindle Reader Apps

Instructions for ePUB Editoin: To start reading it straight away on your eReader simply download the .epub file via the provided link and save it to your computer. Connect your eReader to your computer, and transfer the file into the relevant folder.

To read the ePUB on your computer please make sure you have an ePUB reader installed on your computer. You can use Adobe Digital Editions (this is different to Adobe PDF reader) which you can download for free via the link below. I suggest that you download and install Adobe Digital Editions FIRST before trying to download the ePUB: Download Adobe Digital Editions FREE

To read the ePUB on your Android smartphone download the Aldiko Book Reader app to your smartphone.